Summary Convert selected features to a shapefile

Instructions provided describe how to convert the selected features of a layer to a new shapefile in ArcGis(ArcMap) by using the Export Data feature.

Two Steps:

  1. Selecting Features
  2. Exporting Features


Select features by manually clicking on them

  1. Select features by manually clicking on them

    1. Remove polygon fill from Interested  Area file style to make it hollow (if you load Interested Area Shapefile).
    2. Select the Features inside the Interested area Boundary or the required features.
      • Press shift and left click on the features.
      • Click and drag to select multiple  features at once.
      • Now you are ready to export them follow step 2
    3. If you want to select features inside Interested Area Shapefile using Select by location follow this tutorial.
    4. If you want to select features automatically using select by attribute or data column follow this tutorial.
    5. Load The Interested Area Shapefile (If you have any) and the features file (Source layer or Original Layer).
  2. Export features

    1. Right Click on the Layer which contains the features which you have selected.
    2. from Data option click on Export data.
    3. Click on Browse button from Click on Browse button from  Export Data Dialog Box.
    4. Select the required Format of file – Shapefile to save it in a folder – Feature class if you want to save it in a Geodatabase.
    5. Browse to the deastination folder or  Geodatabase.
    6. Write an appropirate name of file.
    7. Click on Save to close the box.
    8. Click on ok to start exporting the file.

You will get a status Dialog box  followed by a confirmation dialog box  to Confirm File Export Tadda!