Summary – Create a Ground water level map for India in arcgis

Instructions provided describe how to Create a Ground water level map for India in arcgis using CGWD data downloaded from this page for full india

Three Steps:

  1. Download data from CWD data portal
  2. Prepare data for making map
  3. Plot points for well from the data
  4. interpolate ground water level map from points


Download data from CGWD Portal

Source : CGWD PORTAL –

  1. Select the state which you want to download data for.
  2. Select a district inside the state.
  3. Click on download button and data will be downloaded in csv format.
  4. If you want to make map for a whole state or multiple districts, download data for all the disctricts you want to make map.

Prepare data for Making Map

Data from CGWD PORTAL -

Source : CGWD PORTAL –

  1. Copy paste data for multiple districts files (if any) to one file as columns are for every file.
  2. Make separate csv file for each year you want to make map.
    • like 2000.csv, 2005.csv, 2010.csv, 2015.csv

Plot Points from the data

  1. Rick click on layers and click on Add Data.
  2. Browse to the file and click add to add the csv.

  1. Right Click on the Csv Layer and click on Display XY Data.
  2. Select X field as LON (Longitude).
  3. Select Y field as LAT (Latitude).
  4. Set Geographic Coordinate System to GCS_WGS_1984
  5. Click OK to plot Points.

interpolate ground water level map from points

  1. Open ArctoolboxOpen Arctoolbox.
  2. In Arctool box expand Raster Interpolation.
  3. In Raster Interpolation select Natural Neighbor.
  4. Select input feature which is the points plotted  from data.
  5. Select Z values from one of the four water level readings in the data.
  6. Specify Output location.
  7. Click Ok
Interpolated Map

Source : CGWD PORTAL –

Tadda done!!  I have styled this map according to the values of the field

Source : CGWD PORTAL –

Want to Know How to Style maps See tutorial on styling maps.