Jaipur water management at urban level is discussed below

Importance of water in Indian cities as a resource

  • Water is a fundamental natural resource to life and food security it is a finite and vulnerable resource, essential to sustain life, development and the environment, we will see below Jaipur water management.
  • Water resources are critical for development and functioning of any city, Apart from being used for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial purposes water also has ecological functions linked with landscaping, biodiversity, temperature buffering.
  • Water becomes a complex but an important topic affecting quality of life, climate protection, resource and energy efficiency in urban areas .
  • Indian cities has reaped out great benefits from the water resources but has due to the lack of good governance and rapid increase in population urban water resources have been over exploited in India and have dried up in a fast pace, now many cities have to deal with extra economic conditions associated with getting water from far off areas.
  • The most effect section by the resource depletion is the weaker section as they are more vulnerable on resource depletion.
Urbanization in india

Rapid Urbanization in india

  • 31.16% of total Indian population lives in urban areas (Census 2011) expected to reach 40% by 2030 and 50% by 2050 (UN survey), with an alarming increase in urban population there would be a further increased pressure on water resources.

Status of Water Sector in Jaipur


Jaipur water demand vs supply

Jaipur City has a deficient of 160 MLD water supply daily, Against a demand of 600 MLD only 440 MLD is supplied. Jaipur has Centralized Raw Water Treatment System and Decentralized pump stations see more below in water supply scheme.


Jaipur wastewater treatment vs generation

Jaipur has Decentralized Wastewater Collection and STPs owing to its terrain, with growing industries and increasing containerization storm water flow has increased but there is no separate Storm water line and and during rainy season STPs receive heavy inflow usually that is let free without treatment.

Drinking Water Supply Scheme of Jaipur City



Jaipur boasts of a water supply system feeeded by Daily Production reports of Bisalpur project for last two years  can be downloaded from the link given below     http://pheddms.raj.nic.in/private/public/dms_document_JWSS.aspx

Involvement of Various bodies in Water Sector



  • PHED has full responsibility from development to O&M of water lines and water supply.
  • JDA, RUDISCO and RUIDP  has also developed sewage treatment plants and then hand over to Jaipur municipal corporation for operation and maintenance.

Issues in Water Sector of Jaipur

  • Jaipur city has limited fresh water resources and according to Population Projections the current deficient will further increase to water crisis.
  • Out of 370 MLD of sewage that Jaipur generates only 265 MLD is treated, the remaining 105 MLD is dumped into Amanishah Nulla.
  • Ground water is dropping at the rate of 1.7 meter per year and the gap in demand and supply of water further leads to groundwater extraction.
  • Residents regularly complain of irregular and reduced water supply due to the dilapidated water pipelines, are forced to outsource it from private suppliers.

Thank you ! Save WATER its precious.