There’s no love sincere than the love for FOOD!!

My love for food was always there somewhere. My childhood memories are full of MasterChef episodes and various other cooking shows and I loved eating outside since always. But when I left home for college, my love for food was unraveled a bit more when I started travelling and exploring different places with my friends, that’s when things started to blend in perfectly.

Eating at a fancy restaurant in a metro city is fine BUTTT the combination of good food and a mesmerizing view is unmatchable. Even a good cup of tea in mountain’s lap with the breathtaking surroundings feels like heaven.

Toh Abhi… foood is the primary motive of travelling for me. It is equally necessary to take a bite of culture (literally), as much as exploring the exotic locations.

I have decided to share my love for mouthwatering food and amazing small destinations through this blog. 🙂

So Hola! If you like to step out of your comfort zone and travel to places and want to know what’s there to treat your tongue best.

Places and foood suggested here would be commendable by your senses without burning a hole in your pocket.

Oh you don’t want to travel? It’s okay!!! I’ve got you covered too.. Because I Looooooove to cook with my family when I’m home  ‍‍.

Maa’s complements on preparing different dishes and the look on Baba’s face when he likes the food is priceless. So, I would be posting about home-made food with locally available ingredients also.️

Things suggested here will be full of pleasure to your taste buds, whether you’re looking for inspiration as a tourist or need some tips on what to cook by yourself…This is the blog for you!!